"Shelley has worked for us for several years dog walking, house sitting and serving as a pet taxi. Sometimes under difficult circumstances, such as when our beloved Frank practically needed 24 hour care.

Towards the end of Frank’s life Shelley would assist us in any way necessary and we are eternally grateful. It is clear to our family that Shelley takes her work very seriously and we can count on her.

Shelley is responsible, punctual and trustworthy beyond which words can describe. We trust her and her staff without hesitation and are happy to act as recommenders."

R. ScarfSherman Oaks, CA

"We were very lucky to find Care for Cuties and Shelley Gottlieb. We knew that our neighbor had a dog walker that he was very happy with and we really wanted to find someone to walk our dog down the aisle at our wedding. Our dog is very rambunctious and it was really a longshot that we would find someone who would be able to handle our dog and ensure that our wedding was not disrupted.  It could have all gone terribly wrong but we call it a miracle that we found Care for Cuties and Shelley. Right from the start she had a calming influence on our dog.  She was able to handle our dog throughout the whole day of our wedding and into the night. Our wedding was truly beautiful and we are so thankful that our dog could be a part of that. Since then Shelley comes everyday to walk our dog. She knows when our dog is feeling under the weather, she knows how to handle any situation that may arise (in particular cats), she genuinely cares for our dog. We trust Shelley implicitly and are in constant communication with Shelley via texting during the day or letting her know any changes in our plans at night. She responds immediately to any inquiry we might have and makes sure that we are informed about the health and well-being of our precious baby. We highly recommend Care for Cuties to care for anyone’s pet. We especially appreciate Shelley’s flexibility and how easy it is to work with Shelley.”

H.P.North Hollywood, CA

"Where can I start about my appreciation for Shelley G. and Care for Cuties? I am a very busy professional that works ten hours a day, and the proud owner of my little boy Connor- a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If not for Shelley and her ultimately reliable and consistent services, Connor would be lost… all I have to do before I leave for work is tell Connor that Shelley is coming, and he goes nuts! His head tilts from side to side, and he starts a full body wag! Connor absolutely loves Shelley and the time that he gets to spend with her!

Thank you Care for Cuties!"

B. RutschmanSherman Oaks, CA